Need help with 4th Baby Name!!!

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Need help with 4th Baby Name!!!
Tue, 01-10-2012 - 5:23pm

We are stuck when it comes to thinking of names for our 4th child...We are expecting a girl and are looking for something feminine and not trendy...but not weird either.

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Tue, 01-10-2012 - 7:49pm
Aniston (Ana)
Alivia (Liv)
Adaline (Addy)
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Tue, 01-10-2012 - 9:05pm

Veronica Ann

Gemma Valentine

Eliza Marilyn

Eloise Ann

Elise Valentine

Felicity Ann

Penelope (Penny)

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Wed, 01-11-2012 - 2:36pm

hello!! first off-i love quinn and charlotte. logan is okay too-i just know a couple of logans and have a few bad connatations with that name. anyway, from your list i LOVE victoria-it would be one of my first choices for a girl, but my sil is named that. i love violet too-my oldest dd is named violet rose. i like abigail too...a few other suggestions:
-constance(you could do connie for a nickname, but you dont have to)
-pearl, ruby or opal
-dahlia, daisy, rose, ivy

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Wed, 01-11-2012 - 3:29pm

Please choose Victoria, nn Tori, it's perfect! :)

Your other choices are really nice too.

Other names to consider: Evelyn, Adaline, Adelaide, Eleanor (nn Elle, Ella, Nora), Madeline, Scarlett, Isabella, Collette, Audrey, Claire.


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