Please give your advice! Boy name

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Please give your advice! Boy name
Sun, 10-02-2011 - 10:31am

Eli Noah

Elijah Cade

Elijah Noah

Noah Eli

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Sun, 10-02-2011 - 12:55pm
My Elijah is 16. I really love Elijah Cade, although I don't normally care much for Cade. I think Elijah Cade flows best. Noah Eli is my second choice. I don't like the matching ending of Elijah Noah.

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Sun, 10-02-2011 - 1:32pm
Elijah Cade and Noah Eli sound the best to me too. Between the two, it depends on which name you plan to call him. If Eli, then I like Elijah Cade better. If Noah, then Noah Eli would be my pick.
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Sun, 10-02-2011 - 6:00pm

I agree that Elijah Cade sounds the best! But if you are set on Noah I would pair it with something that doesn't end with tha -ah sound, like Elliot Noah or Noah Ellis. Hope this helps!

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Tue, 10-04-2011 - 4:42pm
Noah Eli!
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Mon, 10-10-2011 - 3:14pm
Elijah Cade is my fav! :-)

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Fri, 10-28-2011 - 5:21pm

When I analyze baby names, I like to think of the child's name on a kindergarten roster.

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Fri, 10-28-2011 - 6:13pm

Actually, I'm seeing a lot of Elis pop up...I think it's because Elijah has become so common and not quite as unique as it was ten years ago, when it first started spiking as a trend.

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Thu, 11-03-2011 - 1:21pm