Triplets--sort of

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Triplets--sort of
Mon, 03-25-2013 - 5:21pm

So we're not having triplest or even having a baby at all, but we do need names for three kids.  We are foster parents who are finalizing one adoption in June and possibly two more in August.  We never had plans to change the names of any of the children, but the social worker of the sibling pair recommends that we change their names for safety reasons.  It seems best to just change the names of all three of them.  We actually like all their names, and it will seem really strange to change their names after being with us so long, but safety is really important, of course.  

After years of infertility and fully giving up on ever naming a child again, I am a bit stumped at the thought of naming three kids at once.  We like unique names.  Our son is Brishen (bree shun) and our daughter is Basia (like Asia with a b), but we don't necessarily need the names to be that unique.  Oh, and there are two boys (age 1 and 2) and a girl (age 3).  

Here are names I like but cannot use for one reason or another:

Solon--love the name but doesn't fit personality of either boy, they've been with us for a year, so we know them well

Caius--used by extended family--we just love ancient history around here, and I fell in love with this name when I first heard it

Macy--sounds bad with our short last name that begins with M

Declan--neither boy is white

Cambria--the girl is not white

Anya--again sounds too white

Elias--a maybe for the hispanic boy

I'd like the hispanic boy to have a name that sounds OK in English or Spanish, even though his current name is very English.  

Do you have any ideas?  


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