50 states game

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50 states game
Sun, 08-15-2010 - 1:07am

I just thought this might be fun, here are the rules.
For each of the 50 states:
1) decide if you would use it as a boy's name or a girl's name
2) come up with a middle name to go with it and a nickname if you'd like. try not to repeat middle names!
3) just ignore prefixes ("new" "north" "south" etc. ... so really there will only be 47 names because of Dakota, Carolina and Virginia)
4) have fun!!

Alabama Iris - girl, nn Ally
Alaska Mauve - girl, nn Kaya
Arizona Elise - girl, nn Ari
Arkansas Shane - boy
California Rae - girl, nn Callie
Colorado James, boy
Connecticut Eve - girl, nn Connie
Delaware Nicole - girl, nn Della
Florida Kathryn - girl, nn Lori
Georgia Madison - girl, nn Gia
Hawaii Kailani - girl
Idaho Steven - boy
Illinois Macaulay - boy
Indiana Parker - boy
Iowa Celeste - girl
Kansas Trenton - boy
Kentucky Miles - boy, nn Tucker
Louisiana Patrice - girl, nn Ana
Maine Alexander - boy
Maryland Faye - girl, nn Mary
Massachusetts Camden - boy
Michigan Noelle - girl, nn Michie
Minnesota Leanne - girl, nn Minnie
Mississippi Grace - girl, nn Missy
Missouri Beckett - boy
Montana Jane - girl (I really know a girl named Montana- so weird!)
Nebraska Aaden - boy, bb Neb
Nevada Caroline - girl
(New) Hampshire Scott - boy
(New) Jersey Violet-Anne - girl
(New) Mexico Everett - boy, nn Max
(New) York Benjamin - boy
(North) Carolina Faith - girl
(North) Dakota Lillian - girl
Ohio Gregory - boy
Oklahoma Ryan - boy
Oregon Macrae - boy
Pennsylvania Jack - boy, nn Penn
Rhode (Island) Thomas - boy
Tennessee July - girl
Texas Logan - boy
Utah Landon - boy
Vermont Vivienne - girl
Virginia Claire - girl, nn Ginny
Washington Monroe - boy
Wisconsin Emmaline - girl
Wyoming Isabelle - girl

Okay so that was more challenging than I thought it would be. Most of these names are awful and I would NEVER use them, but I actually kind of like a few of them. Others just sound cool, but I would still never use them, like "Maine Alexander" lol

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Wed, 12-29-2010 - 1:19pm


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Alabama Gwen (Ama)
Alaska Dominic
Arizona Grey (Ari)
Arkansas Jude (Ajay)
California Ruth (Cali)
Colorado Zane (Cole)
Connecticut Joel (Con)
Delaware Julianne (Della)
Florida Naomi (Flora)
Georgia Miriam
Hawaii Celeste
Idaho Cherith (Ida)
Illinois Quince (IQ)
Indiana Drew (Indy)
Iowa Bennett