Bed Rest During Pregnancy

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Bed Rest During Pregnancy
Wed, 05-15-2013 - 8:27am

New research is raising fresh concern that an age-old treatment for troubled pregnancies – bed rest – doesn't seem to prevent premature birth, and might even worsen that risk.

Doctors have known for years that there's no good evidence that bed rest offers any benefit for certain pregnancy complications, and it can cause side effects in the mother, not to mention emotional and financial strain. Yet estimates suggest nearly 1 in 5 moms-to-be is told to cut her activity – ranging from quitting work to actually staying in bed all day – at some point during pregnancy.

Now, spurred by the latest study, some specialists are issuing a call for strict studies to finally settle the controversy – and until then, for doctors not to assume that a prescription to take it easy can't hurt.

Very interesting!  Is anyone here on bedrest? 

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