33w update

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33w update
Thu, 01-26-2012 - 9:39am

It's a mixed bag post today.

Grr, no weight gain this time. :smileymad: I feel and look bigger. Sigh. MFM didn't mention it as an issue, but it frustrates me. Anyway... Monkey's hb was good in the 140s, my bp was good at 102/70. I thought I'd have a u/s at the next appointment in two weeks, but MFM said in 3-4 weeks will be the u/s. DH was disappointed at having to wait. LOL, he is eager to see his little man again.

I have not had a single BH that I know of, anyway. Will I eventually get them? I forgot to ask the MFM.

The bad news is that my grandmother died on Monday, her funeral is a 5 hr drive away, and MFM said it was not his preference that I attend in this stage of pg, especially since I am high risk. DH and I talked it over and decided not to attend. I am sad about it, but think we made the best decision given all the circumstances. I talked to my father and he said he felt we made the right choice and if anyone says anything to him at the funeral he will set them straight. My siblings will be with my dad, so I know he won't be without his kids. It was such a difficult decision.



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