Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays
Sat, 12-11-2010 - 6:35pm

Last year I was too sad to take my DD to go see Santa, I was afraid that I might see happy parents with their babies, celebrating their first Christmas while I was still grieving the fact that my son would never see his. Tomorrow I am taking my two living children to see Santa Claus and I couldn't

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Fri, 12-17-2010 - 4:54pm

Hey, Merry Christmas, ladies!


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Thu, 12-16-2010 - 10:29pm

Sandra, Noah is so so so sweet. Both of your kids are beautiful. Seline, I have missed you girl. I do feel like I know so many of you so personally. We see the weak sides of each other, when we break down or feel sad. We also have a sad common ground between us all so that is why I think we are so close. I felt the same away about Santa. Last year I actually was so scared to take Makayla b/c I was only a couple months pregnant with TJ so my emotions were crazy! I took them this year and it was sweet. We got a horrible picture b/c neither of them were happy to be there but I was so happy to have my two children sitting there. How did it go by the way? Did you get a picture?

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Mon, 12-13-2010 - 10:31am

Happy holidays to you, too. I feel that I know many of you. Although I haven't posting much (holy cow, 3 kids keeps me on my toes!) but I am so grateful for the support I got.

Sandra, Noah is so stinking cute, holy cow! I was looking at his pics on FB and he is suishy! (nothing better than a squishy baby!)

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