Babyproofing Your Home for the Holidays

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Babyproofing Your Home for the Holidays
Fri, 12-14-2012 - 12:08pm

By now you've probably forgotten those pre-pregnancy expectations you once had -- you know, of your adorable, picture-perfect kid sitting calmly amidst your House Beautiful-worthy holiday décor? Instead, the visions dancing in your head are those of little hands pulling down Christmas trees and snacking on ornaments. So how do you keep your kids safe, but still make your home look special? We asked the experts to find out how to keep everyone safe -- and sane -- through the holiday season.

How to Babyproof Your Home for the Holidays -- Read This Before You Put the Tree Up!-

I remember that my boys were into everything I thought (more than once!) that I was just going to give up on having a tree while they were small!  How is your child doing with the tree and decorations?  Does he/she leave them alone for the most part or is it a constant struggle?

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