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Britax Car Seats
Sat, 04-25-2009 - 6:33pm

I am wanting to switch from Caden's carrier carseat, to a convertible car seat. I drive a Ford Edge and DH has a Nissan Altima. I have no space issues in the Edge, but the Altima does when the car seat is rear facing. Which Britax seats would you recommend for each car? We need two since one drops off and the other picks Caden up daily. It's not a situation where one would be back-up vs primary. I LOVE the cowmofloge pattern.

I know there is a car seat board, but some many of you have Britax seats I thought I'd start here. What's the average age when I would need an even bigger seat?

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Sat, 04-25-2009 - 8:17pm

Hi Sam,

I would go with (2) Marathons personally. I have (3) of them and love them. Maggie is 4y5m, and is about 37lbs. and 41 inches, and she still fits beautifully in her Marathon. I will keep her in it until she is at least 5, and hopefully until she goes to Kindergarten at 5y9m. I have no desire whatsoever to take her out of a five point harness.

I "think" the Marathon should fit rear facing in the Altima, if you put it behind the passenger front seat with it pushed forward quite a bit. I drive a minivan, so the boys are rear facing, but it works fine in there. I plan on keeping the boys rear facing for at least another year to 18 months.

I'm sure Isabelle and Marcus' mom will chime in (can't think of her name, darn it) and she will be able to give better recommendation on the fit of the other Britax seats. I have only owned a Roundabout (which I loved, but deeply regret buying, since Maggie outgrew it) and the Marathon.

Good luck!!

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Sat, 04-25-2009 - 10:09pm

Sam - We have Tyler in a Marathon (cowmouflage!) and love it.

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Sat, 04-25-2009 - 10:44pm

We bought the marathon (cowmooflage) because it was the smallest convertible of the Brtiax seats. Also, it can be used on a plane. Agree with Nan, you could try it at the store before the purchase is made.

Melanie may not be on here for a while, so it might be worth your while to visit the car seat board. Let me pitch her usual: keep Caden RF as long as the limits of the car seat. I did, and I'm glad I took the extra step to keep Robert as safe as possible. 20lb and 12mo is the MINIMUM. The marathon RFs to 33lb.


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Sun, 04-26-2009 - 1:25am

Sam -

Here's where you can do a search online... Don't type in the year and just look for years that are close to your year. I was definitely finding examples of Britax seats fitting rear-facing in an Altima.

Convertible car seats can take up less room than the infant car seats. Infant car seat must be reclined at a 45 degree angle. However, convertibles can be installed more upright for older babies who have more head and neck control. Britax allows carseats to be installed up to 30 degrees. At 7 months, Caden might be fine with a 40 degree install. At a year, it might be closer to 30-35 degrees.

If you try out the Marathon and decide you don't like how it fits, I'd recommend looking at the Evenflo Triumph Advanced. If you think that a car seat that rf to 35lbs and ff to 40lbs might be a better option because of fit, then I'd recommend the Safety First Avenue which costs about $80 at Sear or Kmart.

Thanks to Betty for adding the info about keeping your precious baby rear-facing beyond a year. All of the seats I've recommended will keep your baby rf to 35lbs. Marcus is around the 50th percentile for weight and he made it to 2 1/2 years old rf. Isabelle is my little peanut and still rf at 4 years old. She really prefers rf - and actually Marcus wants to "ride backwards like Isabelle" as he puts it.


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Sun, 04-26-2009 - 2:09pm
I have the coomooflage Marathon as well - we are FF at this point and just moved it from the center seat due to installing a second seat for the baby I babysit (they fit side by side but Sara kept stealing his paci!!) I LOVE this seat - she should make it weight and height wise until she is ready to move into a booster (about 5 or so maybe sooner since she is a big girl). Melanie is the "expert" on this stuff but I just wanted to add my 2cents of approval!

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Sun, 04-26-2009 - 10:00pm

We have 2 Britax Boulevards. One for my SUV, an Acura MDX and one for my DH's car, a 2008 Nissan Altima. We put these in our cars when she was about 7 months. She did fit rear facing in the Altima behind the passenger seat, but the passenger seat was pretty much all of the way forward. It is not a problem now that she is forward facing.



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Sun, 04-26-2009 - 10:39pm

I know Chris and I mentioned keeping children rf beyond a year. I'm concerned that some people might not know about the research about keeping babies rf.

A study published in December 2007 found that children under 2 years old in a forward facing carseat are 4 to 5 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a car accident than children in a rear-facing car. Here's a link about this study... If you want to know what can happen in an accident with a ff child, then visit Joel's story is actually a happy one because he is making amazing progress since the car accident.

The AAP recently issued a statement recommending to a minimum of 2 years old...

This link has great information explaining why rear-facing is so much safer, especially considering how

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Sat, 05-02-2009 - 9:07pm
thanks for these links melanie. we got britax companion infant seats, and will continue rf when they outgrow them. you make a good point about the recline angle of infant vs. older baby seats. dh and i took one of our seats with when we shopped for a new "twin friendly" car. the honda crv we had was way too tight for us - we are both 5'9". we ended up with a volvo xc70 - not huge, but big enough, and enough cargo room for our double stroller, etc. we plan on putting a car seat behind driver and passenger. don't think side and middle will fit together. my only worry is not being able to see the babies in the rear view mirror while driving. i have paranoid thoughts of a suffacating baby :( do those mirror thingy's really work well?


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Sun, 05-03-2009 - 2:14am

Jan -

We ended up having to put our twins outboard in our cars too. We had a Ford Taurus with two rf infant and then convertible car seats without any issues. We now have a Rav 4 with Marcus ff and Isabelle rf.

I never used the mirrors. I know the CPST say that you should never use the mirrors. The reason they don't recommend the mirrors is that they could be projectiles in an accident or they can distract the driver.