I am in sleep Hell!

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I am in sleep Hell!
Thu, 03-12-2009 - 4:21pm

And it isn't even Mack's fault!

I live in a pretty rural area. I am sandwiched between roosters, goats, and dogs. All things I am very used to and normally not bothered by.

While I was in the hospital, my neighbor mated his two dogs. Well, they had 8 puppies. Two pups perished and two were given away. So, they now have 6 dogs. SIX. They have created a new type of night time hell that I just can't take. I am finding myself reciting the serenity prayer throughout the night.

Mack is working really hard at being a good sleeper. I am working hard at helping her to be independent. The dogs are working hard to make sure that Mackenzie is awake all night. The dogs barked on and off alllllll night. Just when I would get Mack back to sleep by rocking or nursing she would be up again.

There is a strangeness about where I live. Things considered acceptable where I am would be unheard of in other places. Lots of people have MANY dogs. Not many people around me pay a lot of attention to their pets. Lots of dogs in cages with some used for hunting. I don't want to judge how others live...but these dogs now are affecting me and how my kids are sleeping. I don't think there is much I can do...that will actually bring results.

We are friends with said neighbors but even if I talk to them I know that nothing will happen. My house is tiny. I don't have anywhere else I can put Mack to sleep. If I put her in our studio on the other side of our house, #1 I will worry about her out there alone and #2 she will be woken by the caged roosters the boys use next door for cockfights. Nice...I know.

Just venting in my tired stupor. Mack is sleeping in her car seat now and I am assuming the pups next door are napping now too from their wild night. When we bought this house we were on the 5 year plan to moving to a better place. Ok, 9 years later we are now on the 15 year plan. Waiting for kids to get outta daycare so we can afford the neighborhood we like.

Give me the strength to accept the things I cannot change...
I heard today that Hawaii is #2 happiest state? They must have been in a different neighborhood.

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Thu, 03-12-2009 - 4:41pm

ahhhh, the serenity of the isles. I have similar problem to yours. We live in a high-density part of the city. Our houses are a couple feet from each other. My neighbor, who annoys me like flies at a picnic, INSISTS on doing something noisy when its naptime. Dragging recycle bins, mowing grass, power washing sidewalk(!), standing outside yelling down to the street to some hippy friend on a dingy bike going by. You name it Nimrod is doing it. Its as if he's doing it on purpose but I know he isn't actually aware of anyone else beyond his fleece and garlic. You're right though Annie, talking to these types does no good (I've tried). I got smart recently and bought a CD of rain, and another of beach waves. It doesn't cancel the noise but it brings enough background sound to make a tolerable ambience. I've had no problems with sleeping toddlers/babies since I started this for naps and night time. HTH

cockfighting. nice.

she had no intention of suffering alone

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Thu, 03-12-2009 - 4:54pm


I can relate.



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Thu, 03-12-2009 - 5:04pm

Two suggestions...


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Thu, 03-12-2009 - 5:12pm

I would talk to the neighbor with the dogs- I have noisy dogs and my neighbor always "talks" to me about it. LOL

If someone said to me, your dogs are keeping my premature infant awake all night can you put them in your basement or inside somewhere- I would do it!! Cant hurt to ask....

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Thu, 03-12-2009 - 5:31pm
The cockfights don't happen next door! I've already been to court with those guys so I'm sticking to the dogs on the other side. I'll talk to the wife...
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Thu, 03-12-2009 - 10:01pm
Annie, (((((HUGS))))). I am torn between starting with the 6 dogs on one side or the roosters for fights on the other.....that is not the picture I have of Hawaii. Ummmmmmm, no real advice here. Have you tried a white noise machine? Maybe that could help drown out the other noise?
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Fri, 03-13-2009 - 2:38am

Yeah, the Hawaii we all see when we visit is the super clean happy hotel Hawaii. ;) It is a bit different around here. And..for the most part I like it. The cultural differences just get to me sometimes. But...that happens everywhere.

I am thinking about white noise but it is in our room and I think that might bug me...

My plan tonight is to start in our room and if puppy hell starts I'll hook up the white noise in the living room and she and I will sleep in here. Not ideal but it is the best I can do.

These same neighbors have 3 sons too...two of which used to play the trumpet. I so have noise credits built up. :)

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Sat, 03-14-2009 - 10:33pm

Good grief, Annie.