binkys, bottles, and teeth oh my !

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binkys, bottles, and teeth oh my !
Thu, 03-01-2012 - 1:02pm

Im hoping you guys can give me some in sight. Im having a horrible time getting anna off the bottle in particular. she just turned 16 months and takes 2, 8oz bottles of lactaid whole milk a day with nap and bed. she was slow to take a sippy cup (finally at a year we found one she accepted) and now drinks 1.5 oz of juice in 6 oz of water once or twice a day. i try every day to give her milk in a sippy she flat out refuses, and then after that will usually reject any sippy cup at all thinking im trying to give her milk again. she throws it un does the lid and spills it out everything but drinks it and often will throw a fit when she takes the first sip and realizes its milk. at her 15 month appointment my pedi told me 12-16 oz a milk is the norm for a baby her age.... truthfully i think the easiest way would be to just take them away but with refusing milk out of a sippy i dont want her not to get milk if she needs it. any suggestions?

she also still takes a binky every once in a while in the middle of the night, that will be gone as soon as i can get the bottles away from her :(

now for the thing im very worried about. anna has 4 teeth, 2 middle bottoms and both eye teeth on the top... thats it. this week while i was rubbing some teething gel on her gums i felt that the top right imddle had broken through... but behind the gum line sort of on her hard palate instead of the gum. its not super behind like in the middle of the roof of her mouth but noticable behind the others and behind the ridge of her gum. Do you think this is caused by the bottles? is it possible itll move forward as it grows in? should i find a pediatric dentist now im so worried about all this

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Fri, 03-02-2012 - 12:44pm
Hi Taressa,

Not real sure on the bottle thing...maybe you could try a new kind of cup, like those with a straw maybe? You could tell her "we're not drinking milk from a bottle anymore" and have her help pack them up. Then have a special kind of cup that is only for milk. I don't know, it might not work...

Kylie still uses her paci at night and at naps (she's 21 months). We will let her keep it until she doesn't want it anymore most likely. Our ped and her dentist haven't said anything about it needing to go away and I've heard lots of stories about kids just moving on to sucking their thumbs if you take away the paci. I'd be interested to hear about others experiences with this though.

I'd take her to a pediatric dentist just to get them to look at it. Ours likes to see kids around 18 months for a 1st visit even if there aren't any concerns.