QOTW - 3/5 - Gender guesses? And good luck tomorrow Trr16!!!

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QOTW - 3/5 - Gender guesses? And good luck tomorrow Trr16!!!
Mon, 03-05-2012 - 11:24pm

I saw on the IVF board that Trr16 finds out the gender of her twins tomorrow =)

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Im going with both girls.

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I have twin boys ;)

I'm going with a boy and a girl.
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Hi!! Well........we are a tad unsure still!! Ahh! According to the Dr. on Tuesday (I was 17w/3days) we are having two girls!!

But here is why we are unsure....I gues this is what I get for asking for early predictions. Here's how it's gone:

12.5 wks-


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A big congrats that both babies are healthy! That would drive me nutso about the genders though:smileywink:I guess only time will tell.