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Question of the week
Mon, 03-28-2011 - 1:10pm

So, do you believe in good luck charms?

Have there been any that you used during IF treatments that you would like to share? Any that you use in your daily life?

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Tue, 03-29-2011 - 1:45pm

During my cycle I wear a St.Gerard and St.Anthony pendent. The St.Gerard prayer card I had with me when I got pregnant with DD I have in her memory box along with all her u/s pic's.:smileyhappy:


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Wed, 03-30-2011 - 12:19pm

A friend who had a successful IVF the year before I did gave me a sculpture of an angel holding an egg as my goodluck charm.

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Fri, 04-01-2011 - 7:26am

This is sort of sore spot for me because both mine are gone, one stolen one went missing, but I had the silver mens mezuzah charm, it was my grandfathers and it used to hang on this push board I had as a teen, it went to college with me and when I was going through IVF I had found it and I took it to every Dr appointment, every test, procedure and so on. Even after Liam was born I wore it when he had his surgeries. After all we went through I put it away, it was in my vanity draw, I needed to move on and it was a reminder. Well I found it when I was pregnant with my second and had started to use it as the same but had taken it off to sleep and I am guessing Liam found it because it went missing.

The other was a diamond horse shoe DH got me for my birthday when i was pregnant with Liam, we had a rocky start and my birthday was day after our second u/s, first one wasn't that great. We were also buying our house so this was really DH last splurge to me, I had seen it in the window of the local jewler on my nightly walk but know it wasn't a good time to ask for it and was so suprised and after we had gotten good news for a change in that pregnancy I vowed it was good luck and wore it every day of that pregnancy. Well i gained weight and lost weight and gained weight and it was short chain and felt it look wrong on my fat neck plus it has gone out of style so it was in my jewlery box last summer when we got robbed so its gone too.

Still hopeful one day I will find the mezuzah again because not 100% sure Liam had gotten it, I do tend to put things in places and forget but if it was in my room chances are it was stolen too which then if they were stolen and lost guess they aren't so lucky ;0

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Tue, 04-05-2011 - 8:12am

I hope you do find it!! I'm sorry to read you got robbed. I hope they get their karma that's coming to them! ;-)