Question of the Week: Daylight Savings Time

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Question of the Week: Daylight Savings Time
Mon, 03-14-2011 - 1:05pm

Love it or hate it? How did you/your child react to it Sunday?

How are you feeling today?

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Mon, 03-14-2011 - 1:12pm

Hate it ! it when we gain an hour though! Olivia has been waking up early as it is so it was rather unbearable:smileysurprised: Yesterday she only had a 1 hr nap so that made it even worse. for some reason the less sleep she gets the more awake she seems to be. Weird. she is napping peacefully right now so hopefully this will get her back on track.


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Mon, 03-14-2011 - 2:41pm

well i loved it only because i work nights and lost an hour of work.... anna never has a schedule so it didnt bother her one way or another id probably really had it if she did and it messed her up. Im sure itll be something to look forward to :)

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Mon, 03-14-2011 - 2:55pm

Hate it! Isabelle and Marcus were up yesterday at 7am to play (so 6am body clock time), but they were both complaining about being to tired to get ready for school when their alarm went off at 6:26am. I haven't had a chance to ask DH how late they ended up being this morning.

The easiest "spring forward" year was when Isabelle and Marcus were a few months old. We were so sleep deprived with newborn twins and being on call 24/7 that we didn't even miss that extra hour of sleep!

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Mon, 03-14-2011 - 3:47pm

Love that we get an extra hour of daylight in the evening (I'm not a morning person so I couldn't care less how much daylight we get in the morning ;-)), but just hate the initial Sunday.

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Thu, 03-17-2011 - 4:16pm
Love it and hate it. Love that it's light later but hate getting up in the dark.

I've been tired all week and Kylie hasn't wanted to wake up at her normal 7am time either. She cries when woken up instead of getting to wake up on her own =(