Study linking vaccines and autism shown to be a fraud--article included

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Study linking vaccines and autism shown to be a fraud--article included
Fri, 01-07-2011 - 12:27pm

What are your thoughts on this? I know this can be a hot button issues, so make sure we keep it respectful! :)

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WOW is what 1st comes to mind. goes to show there is motivation behind everything, and not always the motivation it seems. Its too bad, its hard to believe anything anyone says theses days. As parents we have to make the best decisions we can based on our own research, knowledge, and beliefs.

Personally, I do vaccinate my daughter. I break them up though. I will go to the dr's once a week for 3 weeks if she needs 3 vaccinations. Also there are some I the one that was offered for diarrhea for example. This is not necessarily because of fear of autism (that's just1 reason) but because


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If the study had false information it makes me really angry that a researcher would be so careless. People have made life altering decisions based on that information. Seems so wreckless!

We get Kylie immunized on the regular schedule recommended by the AAP. It's what our ped recommended and what we felt was the right thing to do. But I totally respect everyone's right to make the call on what's right for them.
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This was dis proved years ago. at least 5 yrs i remember talking about it in nursing school. they tried to pin it on a certain preservative that was actually

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It's a tough thing.

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I wouldn't exactly classify this as yellow journalism.


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I agree with PPers who said that there's a lot of evidence against the link between vaccines and autism and hardly any to corroborate it. My heart goes out to the parents of children with autism who are desperate to understand why. There's so much we don't know about autism that it's hard not to leap to conclusions. As for me, I've had my daughter immunized on schedule, though I have played around a bit with dates, to avoid too many shots on one day, etc.

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