Summer is now 3 months old!

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Summer is now 3 months old!
Thu, 10-21-2010 - 1:37pm

I have been so busy since going back to work that I haven't really been on here in quite some time. Not sure I like the new format but oh well!

It is hard to believe but Summer is now just over 3 months old! Time seems to fly by and she is growing so fast. She is really long too! She still has issues with acid reflux & gas but her screaming fits have become a bit less so hopefully it is getting better for her.

She is "talking" now, she rolls all around in her crib (she likes to sleep on her tummy which makes me nervous!), she likes to watch TV (especially the Disney station!) and she is trying very hard to sit up. I tell her you are not big enough to do that yet but she keeps trying. She is a joy though and I love it when she smiles at me or laughs.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their little ones & that everyone else here is looking forward to their little ones getting here. Just know that it can happen! I had a blighted ovum (miscarriage), then at 34.5 weeks I had our baby boy, Dalton, who only lived for a week in the NICU due to serious problems he had while I was pregnant with him. And then this time, we have our beautiful baby girl, Summer. I guess she is spoiled already but I figure we are allowed to do it! She is our last one as I had a tubal but since I am 43 already and after all we have been through (and all my body has been through over the last 2 years), I am done. In addition, I knew financially another would just be too much.

Take care!


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Fri, 10-22-2010 - 4:08am

Hi Michelle -- glad to hear from you, that things are going well -- and my compliments on your little girl. She's truly adorable!! What pretty eyes and pretty clear skin!! Enjoy!