Have You Selected a Pediatrician Yet?

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Have You Selected a Pediatrician Yet?
Fri, 05-17-2013 - 12:17pm

Many parents-to-be have discovered it's a good idea to interview possible babydoctors before the baby is born. And though today's health care plans have perhaps severely limited your choice of doctors, most plans still do have some choices. Physicians usually welcome these appointments and do not charge for prenatal interviews, but occasionally some do.

Ask if there will be a fee when you call to make the appointment. Also, ask how much time you'll have with the physician, so that you can pace your questions. Have your questions written down, and take someone with you -- your partner or a friend. One of you needs to take notes. When grandparents live nearby, some parents-to-be bring along their mom or dad, especially if this person will be seeing a lot of the grandchild.

Choosing a Baby Doctor: Ten Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician-http://www.ivillage.com/choosing-baby-doctor-ten-questions-ask-your-pediatrician/6-a-144659?p=1

Have you selected a pediatrician for baby yet?  If so, how did you make your choice?  What things did you look for when deciding?

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