Maternity Leave: How Long?

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Maternity Leave: How Long?
Thu, 10-10-2013 - 9:22am

When her first child, Lane, was born two years ago, Texas optometrist Erin Taylor was back in the office giving eye exams within a week. When her second son, Rhett, arrived in February, the Amarillo mother says she “treated” herself to a longer maternity leave: 10 days.

“People thought I was absolutely crazy,” said Taylor, 32, who is self-employed with three staffers to support. “But I was, like, you tell me: Who’s gonna pay the bills?”

Across America, growing numbers of new mothers -- from professionals like Taylor to those in lower-paid service and retail jobs -- say they’re feeling financial and personal pressure to get back to work very quickly, often within days or scant weeks after giving birth.

A few days off? Wow!  I can't even imagine. :(  How much time off will you take when your baby arrives?

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