First baby after 40

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First baby after 40
Wed, 09-05-2012 - 7:40pm

How many of you ladies have had their first child over 40?

How old were you at the time of pregnancy?

Did it happen naturally or through IVF?

How difficult was it to fall pregnant - after how many months of trying and or after how many IVF attempts did you fall pregnant?



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Re: First baby after 40
Thu, 09-06-2012 - 9:32pm

Like Brie has said a few times now... 

It's not like we're 80 years old!


I have friends and family that had their first at 40+ and known plenty that have had their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc in their 40's.

Don't believe everything you hear about over 40 and TTC... most is so disappointing and negative..   and, IMO, not true.

I wanted to smack Dr Oz for his idiotic show about not putting pregnancy off until 40.  It was such a one-sided opinion.

Yes, there can be problems, yes there are a few more tests and considerations once you become pregnant after 35.... but my grandmother had 2 children in her 40's with absolutely zero medical help and they are gorgeous uncles :smileyhappy:  Women in their 20s have just as many challenges and difficulties with pregnancy.

My opinion is if you are healthy and there's no medical, psychological or financial reason to not have a baby, then go for it.  I don't think age should limit a woman's decision to have a baby (whether by IVF, IUI or anything else)

Goodluck to you whenever you decide it's time.. no matter how old you are.



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Tue, 09-18-2012 - 11:23am

that's exactly my thought as well.  I think some women have troubles with pregnancy, no matter what their age.  I know we had our issues with losses (in my 20's and 30's - the only healthy time according to Dr Oz)