Hello from a hopeful but completely paranoid first timer!

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Hello from a hopeful but completely paranoid first timer!
Thu, 06-14-2012 - 8:49pm
Hi everyone, I'm five weeks five days pregnant for the first time at 42. I've longed for this moment for sooooooo long but am so paranoid and worried that I won't let myself enjoy it incase iI tempt fate! Stupid I know! Infact I've not joined any sites til now I case I jinx it, nor told my best friend for the same reason, even though I am bursting to share. I'm paranoid about blighted ovums, ectopics, disappearing symptoms and miscarriage. See.....now I've read that myself I know I sound like a nutcase! I have no reason to be worried (yet) apart from the age thing.....I guess it just seems to good to be true. So if anyone could share their positive experiences of successful pregnancies over 40 it would really help....alternatively feel free to sap me or cut my hands off and stop me googling!.
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I was totally freaked out when I first found out I was pregnant at 41.  I read all the statistics on miscarriage for my age and it made me just as paranoid as you.  I think it is perfectly normal.  I am almost at 13 weeks now and am crossing my fingers that this little creature has decided to stick around.