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My name is Cyndi. After trying to conceive for just two months found out I was pregnant. I got pregnant in my second try. It was a planned pregnancy however, it was shocking to have it happen so fast. My husband is 51 & has low testosterone and I am 40, will be 41 when the baby is born. God willing all will go well. I have a 19 year old son, who I am gonna have to tell soon. I am seven Weeks today and am extremely nervous of miscarrying. I run to the bathroom very often to make sure I am not bleeding. I have never miscarried before but have read about the risks at my age. Have my first ultrasound on the 20 & my anxiety level is sky high. I would like to join for support and in hopes to see posts of women who are struggling with this anxiety as I am. TX, so much for allowing me to join your group.
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Grats and welcome!


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Congrats & welcome, Cyndi. Wishing you a H&H pregnancy!

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