Well, I'm back again...very hesitantly though

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Well, I'm back again...very hesitantly though
Sat, 01-08-2011 - 4:33pm

My name's Danielle (43) and if you recall, I had 2 losses last year, one in January, and one in May (a baby girl).I saw both of their HB's, but by 8 weeks there was no growth and I lost them (and the growth was not good from the get-go---no chromosomal abnormalities found though... very weird).

Well, 2 days after what would have been our little girl's EDD (New Years day), on Jan 3rd, I got a BFP. I had the strangest period and ovulation too....so I thought...no way. I was very shocked. We've been trying for over a year to have another earth baby and 6 months after the loss of our baby girl.

Of course I'm petrified that this will end badly again, especially since 2 out of 4 of our losses were Sept EDD's...so is this one. I'm very paranoid and nervous as I wait for stronger symptoms to manifest. I usually get wicked m/s by week 5 or 6, so I have another week or two. For me, I HAVE to have m/s for the pregnancy outcome to be good....that's just my history. So, if you could keep me in your thoughts and pray for me, I'd be so grateful. The doctor put me on progesterone this time, so hopefully, we'll be golden this time.

Thank you!

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Sun, 01-09-2011 - 1:08pm
Dani, just want to send lots of P&pt and sticky baby dust your way. Kup, if you feel like it.

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Mon, 01-10-2011 - 11:58am

Hi Danielle,

I am basically in the same boat as you!

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Thu, 01-13-2011 - 4:25am

Welcome Danielle and congrats!! The first trimester was nerve wrecking for me too. Keep yourself busy and stay healthy and rested.

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Thu, 01-13-2011 - 1:10pm

Hi Dani,

Just wanted to send some p and pt's your way for a sticky sticky baby. The first trimester is so scary....


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Mon, 01-24-2011 - 9:25pm

Hi Dani!

I've been following your posts since the TTC over 40 board. Just checking in. How are you feeling? Any m/s? I hope all is well -- jsut wanted you to know I was thinking about you!!

-Dianne, 41 yo
DH 37