12 week ultrasound

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12 week ultrasound
Tue, 09-11-2012 - 5:11pm

Today I had my 12 week ultrasound and as far as I could tell it went great! I couldnt believe how big the baby was, I really didnt know what to expect but to me the LO was so big.  The tech printed me out pictures of each hand and leg and the full body, I love that I can see close ups of the little hands.  :smileyhappy: .  The tech was trying to get the nuchal translucency measurements but the baby would not move so she could get better measurements; we tried coughing and she had me walk around and use the bathroom and finally the baby moved but sat strait up... I told my fiance the baby is stubborn like him, haha. Finally she got some measurements and they were 1.6mm which I read is good so im not worried.  I still have to wait on the blood results, but so far with the measurement and my age im pretty sure my risk is very low.  I'm so relieved and happy. :smileyhappy:

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Mon, 09-17-2012 - 10:13am
Great news!!!

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Sun, 09-16-2012 - 11:39pm

Yay Alisa, great news!! 

So fun to see the baby growing!!  :heart:

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Sun, 09-16-2012 - 7:26pm
Great appt. Glad baby cooperated. :smileyhappy:
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Fri, 09-14-2012 - 2:30pm

So glad things went well for you! So fun to see baby on ultrasounds :smileyhappy:..praying blood work comes back good! I have to do the same thing soon.


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Wed, 09-12-2012 - 2:22am

Great appt!


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Tue, 09-11-2012 - 10:19pm
Great appointment! Haha @ baby already showing df's stubbornness. It's so nice to have a confidence boosting appt! :-) Glad to hear things are right on track!


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