1st ultrasound

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1st ultrasound
Tue, 08-02-2011 - 12:24pm
I was so nervous I barely slept last night. Today I was 5 wks 4 or 5 days. I went to my RE for ultrasound. We saw a sac, fetus, and the heartbeat!!!!! He was even able to get a rate of 105 which he said was great that we could even see a heartbeat and that rate was great for this early. All my measurements were looking good and I go back in two weeks for a repeat! I got lots of pictures today. DH was pretty amazed that we saw a heartbeat. I am so relieved. My doctor said rate of m/c goes down significantly after see heartbeat which was reassuring. I will stay on progesterone until at least 9 weeks.


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Tue, 08-02-2011 - 1:28pm
Congratulations!! Great u/s! That's wonderful you saw a hb this early. :) My little bean at 6.5 weeks only had a hr of 80+.
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Tue, 08-02-2011 - 2:37pm
That's super early for a hb...congratulations! It sounds like you have a super strong bean in there. :-)
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Tue, 08-02-2011 - 4:09pm

Fantastic news!

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Tue, 08-02-2011 - 4:39pm

Woo hoo!!!! Yay for hb! How cool that the doc was able to measure it and you have lots of pics. :smileyvery-happy:


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Tue, 08-02-2011 - 5:09pm
That's great news!!!
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Tue, 08-02-2011 - 6:15pm


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Tue, 08-02-2011 - 8:28pm
Yay congrats, thats wonderful!!!
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Tue, 08-02-2011 - 11:02pm

That's so amazing that you saw the HB so early. What a strong little critter you've got in there! Hope your pg continues to be just as amazing. :)

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Wed, 08-03-2011 - 8:30am

That is so great!!!!

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Wed, 08-03-2011 - 11:01am
Andi - Congrats on a great first ultrasound! That's really incredible, and just so awesome, that you guys saw so much so early.