Did you/Will you get beta's done?

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Did you/Will you get beta's done?
Wed, 02-23-2011 - 10:44am

Just wondering who will be getting bateas done or who already had betas done. What were your numbers/ dpo???

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Wed, 02-23-2011 - 10:45am

I did get 1 beta draw done already and will have 1 Friday. FX that goes well.

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Wed, 02-23-2011 - 1:01pm

I wont be. My first appt isnt til 3/7 when im 6 wks anyways.. To me havin a Beta every few days will just drive me crazy and stress me out i think... Im sure they will do one on my appt to see if lvls are where they aer supposed to be? or a US.. Idk i am just optin not too. When i called dr and told them about my losses (new dr) they didnt say anything about it either

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Sat, 02-26-2011 - 10:08am
I had betas done. They have proven very helpful to identify when I personally will miscarry. I don't remember what they were exactly, but with my last miscarriage, in two days they barely rose at all, and with this pregnancy they tripled in two days. It was so exciting and it helped me feel better while waiting for my u/s at ten weeks.
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Sat, 02-26-2011 - 1:36pm
My first was done monday and it was 163, my second was wednesday and it was 271. Not doubling in 48 hours, but definitely by 72. When the nurse called me to give my the results from my 2nd beta she called them, "excellent". So, yes it did make me feel better. :)
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Sat, 02-26-2011 - 5:59pm
I personally don't my betas have always been good plus they just seem to stress me out lol but for some there an awesome indicator

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Sun, 02-27-2011 - 7:11pm

I did have my betas done. I worked with an RE & betas were done automatically as part of the whole process. Here's what they were:

Beta #1: 270 @ 14 DPO
Beta #2: 559 @ 16 DPO
Beta #3: 16,201 @ 24 DPO

...lo & behold, the first u/s revealed twins, which I kind of suspected since my betas were pretty high.


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