Hoping I will still be a PAL member after u/s tomorrow

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Hoping I will still be a PAL member after u/s tomorrow
Wed, 01-26-2011 - 12:47am

I go for my 10 week scan tomorrow morning and I am terrified that we will find out that the baby has passed.

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I know how scared you must be. It's so hard getting over the hump of when you lost your past pg's. And this being your 7th pg has got to be so difficult. {{{HUGS}}}

As far as the m/s settling down, at 10 weeks, it settles down for a lot of women, so don't worry too much. It doesn't always last the whole 12 weeks for everyone. You might find yourself waking up tomorrow morning with m/s in full swing again too...so ya never know. Sometimes it takes little "breaks." ;)

You will be in my thoughts and prayers for an awesome ultrasound tomorrow.

Hang in there....

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Good luck T!
Ill be waiting to hear your good news!
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Good luck at your ultrasound today! I really hope to hear a positive update soon!
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Best of luck to you today, T!

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Good luck today! Thinking PT for you and your bean!
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good luck today! Do you have a update yet! Would love to hear it:)


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Good luck T...I hope you have a great appointment, and see a very healthy/growing baby.

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I will be thinking of you...hoping everything checks out fine...:)


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