I'm here again!

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I'm here again!
Sat, 12-22-2012 - 6:28pm

I'm at 4w 3d...we had planned to start TTC #3 this month, but couldn't figure out how on earth we were going to work it out,,,we live in an 800 sq ft house with my FIL.  FIL has his own room and DH, DD, & DS and I are all in 1 bdrm...I wasnt temping or anything, just took advantage of one opportune moment and DTD and here we are.

We had our m/c between DD and DS, in may 2010 at about 5 weeks.  So I'll breathe a little easier once we pass the five week mark.  I had a little bit of spotting on Friday, but I had implantation spotting with both successful pregnancies and have been having symptoms so far this time and an HPT come up positive (an HPT never came up positive, just a blood test at the doctor's when we m/c, and I never had any symptoms with the m/c either).

The only problem is, FIL thinks the house is overcrowded and told my SIL (behind our back, TYVM) that if I turned up pg again he was going to kick us out, so we're not going public by any stretch of the imagination.  I wish that DH had told me this before I went off my BCP, we DTD, and I started having symptoms, but it is what it is.  I'm a full-time student and I graduate in May.  I'm taking a civil-service test in January, if I qualify (I have more than enough experience to qualify for it, but apparently that wasn't appropriately detailed in my application because they sent me a letter saying I wasn't qualified to sit for the exam because I didn't demonstrate appropriate evidence that I had two years of keyboarding experience.  Cripes, I can type 81 wpm, and I'm a spelling and grammar Nazi, what more do they want?)...I have my fingers x'ed that I can qualify for the exam and have a job open up by the time I graduate.  If not, I'll be applying to take jobs at 6 months...I can imagine how well that'll go over LOL.

Oh well.  DH and I are excited that little Rachael or Aidan will be making her/his appearance at the end of March (either 8/20 or 8/27 depending on which Tuesday my OB puts in the 39th week as I'll be having a repeat c/s).  8/27 would be cool because I have a niece that has a birthday that day.

Happy happy happy to be here.


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Sun, 12-23-2012 - 3:09pm

Congrats on the lil one. I hope everything works out with your FIL. wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year.

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Thu, 01-03-2013 - 9:03am
wow, you just THINK of trying again and bam, you're preggo! impressive! ;) well congratulations and welcome! sounds like you have a lot going on, so i hope everything falls together with your living situation, school, and finding a job. hopefully DH will step in and smooth everything out with his dad, at least until you can find somewhere to go with your own growing family. best of luck with the pregnancy. keep those symptoms coming!


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