Like my new OB/gyn already

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Like my new OB/gyn already
Mon, 01-17-2011 - 8:19am

When I orignally called my gyne Wed, they said I could come in for an US on the 26th Jan and to bring a towel in. I asked for blood work and they said they don't do it.

By the time Fri came I was starting to stress so I called again and told them I have a history with Mc's and that my prog level is alway low and that I've been using a prog cream but its almost finished and I donno how on earth I'm going to make it till the 26th if I dont have my prog cos I think I might go mental. lol So the lady on the phone was like give me a second I'll speak to the Dr.

He then told her to stop making me suffer and just do some blood work! yay! My HCG at 14dpo came back at 109 and prog was at 25.9 (I think) I am to carry on taking the prog pills they gave me 2x200mg and to stop stressing everything looks good. They will see me in 9 days time. I can live with that.

I googled (i know BAD!!!) my hcg levels and 109 is a good number for 4 weeks, infact the ave level at 14 dpo is about 70. So I'm happy. :-)

Now to wait and wait and wait some more untill next wed!

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Mon, 01-17-2011 - 9:51am
I'm so glad it went well! Good job sticking up for yourself!
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Mon, 01-17-2011 - 12:53pm

Yey for great numbers!

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