My US is tomorrow and I'm scared beyond words!

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My US is tomorrow and I'm scared beyond words!
Tue, 01-25-2011 - 10:57am

My US is tomorrow and on the one hand I'M excited as all he!! about my appt tomorrow, on the other I'm scared beyond words!

I pray we see a baby with a HB. I know its early but I think I might cry if I dont see a hb esp if i have to wait another 2 weeks before getting a US.

On a positive note my cervix is no longer low! Yay this morning when I put in the prog, I couldnt even feel my cerxiv! whoohooo that has to be a good sign right?

Added to that my DD is sick. She's got a nasty virus from one of the kids at daycare. I'm so PO with the mother of the kid. We all knew he was sick and asked many times for him to be left at home but the mom refused! Grrrr

Anyways please keep my in your dreams (my appt is at 8:46 CET) so i recon you'll all be sleeping.

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I'm sorry your so nervous about your appt. I was the same exact way with my first ultrasound with this baby. I was almost convinced I was going in for them to tell me there was no HB. I still get nervous everytime now.

I will keep my fingers crossed that everything goes well at your visit and there is a perfectly healthy sticky bean in there.

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I hope your appt goes well tomorrow. Ya know, even if they don't see a HB at your ultrasound, 5 wks 5 days is a bit early. If they don't see it, then I would ask to go in next week. They should see it for sure by then, unless you have a tilted uterus or placenta is blocking it or something like that.

Hang in the very least, you should see a sac, yolk sac, and fetal pole tomorrow.

Best of luck to you.

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Good luck tomorrow.
I hate to say it but its entirely possible you may not see a h/b & things are still OK.
My Dr wouldnt book an u/s that early for viability unless I had a problem they wait until 7wks to be sure they see a h/b.
Sorry about your DD being sick. That stinks.
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Sharon 5 weeks 4 days is really early for a heartbeat but I hope you see one all the say. If not than a good sack fetal poll. KUP

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I had my US at 5w5d and it was too early to see or hear the hb... just don't want you to freak out if you don't see it yet! I go back next week when I'll be 7w4d and by that point, should see the hb. Good luck to you!!! :)
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How did you ultrasound go?

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I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! Don't stress if you don't see a hb yet as you are still very early.
I also have an u/s tomorrow and I'm terrified too, but I am just trying to enjoy the present moment and say "faith over fear."