OB's office just called

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OB's office just called
Thu, 07-21-2011 - 12:22pm

They booked me an appt for this coming Monday afternoon! I was expecting the lady to tell me sometime end of August but they are going to see me Monday YAY

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Thu, 07-21-2011 - 12:24pm

I think they might do a u/s .... your ticker says you are 7w4d today, so by Monday you'll be 8 weeks - most OBs do the first u/s at 8 weeks.

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Thu, 07-21-2011 - 1:56pm

I would ask for one....at 8 weeks, it's a good time for one. Remember, you pay them...they need to do what you ask....especially when you're PAL.

Praying for you.......

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Thu, 07-21-2011 - 6:55pm
ay for an appt! Now you really have the next thing to look forward to. :-)
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Thu, 07-21-2011 - 8:00pm

They might do a U/S! I hope so!!! SBV"S! KUP!


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Fri, 07-22-2011 - 2:34am
Hope you get an u/s, And hope all is well.