u/s follow up

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u/s follow up
Mon, 02-25-2013 - 9:23pm

I went back today for another u/s since Meanie told me things looked bad.  A-hole!  Anyway, HR of 127 and baby is measuring 6w4d +/- 2 days.  I say I am 6w4d so it's perfect, but they assume either by lmp or that I ovulated the day of IUI, which I didn't, so they say btwn 6w and 6w2d.  At any rate, baby is measuring AHEAD so I am thrilled.  He seems to think we are in the clear, but I will go back for 1-2 more scans just to be sure.  I took the leap and called a new OB office and scheduled an appt for when I am released from the RE.  Huge for me.  I also told my Dr about how awful meanie was and how I was considering filing a written complaint.  He was going to speak with him and the other doctors in the practice, but my new doc is the nicest guy I think I have ever met, so I can't really see him being too aggressive.  It's okay though, because at least Meanie was wrong and I am getting what I want.  Still, it was a very rough weekend for me.  DH told his parents tonight and told them that they were not to tell ANYONE.  MIL called to congratulate me and wanted to talk to the kids to congratulate them.  I said they didn't know, and I didn't plan to tell them or anyone else, including my family.  Her response...oh, I guess I won't tell anyone else then....um, weren't you told that earlier in the day???  Ugh she is so stupid!  I am sure half the family will know within a week.  I wanted FIL to know, but not MIL, but apparently that is a no no.  Anyway, that's my happy update for once.  Next u/s Wed the 6th :)


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Tue, 02-26-2013 - 5:35am

That is such great news! I'm so happy for you. It's even better than you get to prove that horrible Dr wrong! I hope the cat isn't out of the bag when you so specifically asked it to be kept secret. KUP on your next u/s

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Tue, 02-26-2013 - 2:29pm

YAY another good ultrasound! So glad things are progressing. Way to go and make an appointment with an OB. That is a big step. I'm glad you spoke with your new RE about Dr. Meanie. I would still write a letter of complaint so they have something on file. I swear MIL's can be so out of some times. Hope she will keep this secret for you.


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Wed, 02-27-2013 - 1:52pm
That's awesome! I'm so glad you had a good appointment.


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Fri, 03-01-2013 - 10:14pm

YEY congrats on great measurements!! Its so frustrating when doctors treat you like crap, because they are the ones that are supposed to help and make you feel better.  Glad your new doc is better!