Uterus out of place - wtf?

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Uterus out of place - wtf?
Fri, 09-21-2012 - 3:30pm

Hey ladies,

So my doctor didn't seem super concerned about this, but I am.  You may recall that at my appointment a couple weeks ago, she couldn't find it and had to do an ultrasound to locate it.  Turns out it's waaaaay off to the side and also majorly retroverted.  This week, they did another pelvic exam.  The RN said she could feel the top of my uterus - again, waaaaaay off to the left side - but it was so tilted that she couldn't feel the bulk of it.  She said it's probably due to scar tissue from my C-section which is causing it to "stick". My doctor had commented that it "should" move it self back into place...

Has anyone had this happen to them?  Did the uterus move back on its own?  Am I going to have a giant bump sticking out of my side instead of my front?!

Thanks for any advice!