17 week OB appt

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17 week OB appt
Sun, 08-12-2012 - 9:56am

Saw my OB this week, he wanted to discuss 3 issues I had last time: SVT (very fast heart rate) which I was admitted with at 38w; 3rd degree tear I sustained during delivery; and keeping my hb levels up so that I don't reach a level that normally requires a blood transfusion after delivery.

Because I've never suffered from the SVT yet this pg, he said there would be no point in referring me on to a cardiologist because it might not happen this time but to let my midwife know if it did.  Because of my history of 3rd degree tear, he offered me a C-section this time but I refused. There is only a 10% chance of it happenin again and I know my delivery wasn't very controlled last time as baby's heart rate had dropped and they just wanted him out. A more controlled delivery should have a better outcome. I'm now on iron tablets to keep my hb up and my levels are pretty good at the moment so that isn't an issue right now.

So he's discharged me from his care back to the care of the midwife. Said if anythin was to come up an appt could be arranged to see him again but other than that he'll see me when i book in for my 3rd pg lol!


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