25 weeks today! U/S went well :)

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25 weeks today! U/S went well :)
Thu, 03-24-2011 - 4:43pm

So last night I had a follow-up u/s, since at my 20 week u/s, they didn' get good pics of the heart.

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Fri, 03-25-2011 - 9:06pm
Awesome news! Don't worry your in good company on the worrying part! Take care and enjoy!
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Fri, 03-25-2011 - 11:47am

Glad your doc confirmed that everything is still going well!

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Thu, 03-24-2011 - 8:45pm
Oh I was the same way.
They couldnt get good images of one of babes @ anat & I thought the same thing. Like maybe they didnt tell me cuz they didnt want to scare me even though Dr said he wasnt worried. They took the images they were missing 1.5 wks ago but they really didnt say if it loked good or not as it wasnt my regular Dr.
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Thu, 03-24-2011 - 8:43pm

What a great appointment. The glucose test isn't to bad. I hope you get flavor chances. That really helped me.


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Thu, 03-24-2011 - 8:20pm

Yay for good U/S. Boo to GT hope it goes well.

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Thu, 03-24-2011 - 6:52pm

Glad to hear everything looked good =]

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Thu, 03-24-2011 - 6:09pm
I'm so glad your baby's heart looks great! That's wonderful news! Don't worry about the glucose test. It really wasn't THAT bad for me. Mine tasted like sugary orange soda. We all understand the perpetual worry. Don't feel bad for worrying. Even after our children are born, we constantly worry about them. :)
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