anterior placenta

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anterior placenta
Thu, 06-23-2011 - 5:41pm

a while back it was communicated that my pregnancy has an anterior placenta, which means movement felt later and less. with my history of loss, to hear that the reassurance of movement is lessened by this condition is a bit disheartening.

also, they stopped the 'weekly ultrasounds' at week 16. i suppose they didn't really mean "every week" throughout, although that is what i had perceived with their initial communication of this at week 5. although time consuming to have an appointment every week, it was certainly a reassurance and aided in promoting my peace of mind. at this point, i sort of feel 'all alone' in simply trying to 'believe' everything is still ok. some days / moments it is difficult.

my regular obgyn will not be doing another ultrasound until 30 weeks. i am 20 weeks this week.

thankfully, the specialist that i see every 4-6 weeks does an ultrasound at every visit & my next ultrasound with them is scheduled for 7/5.

although, after week 16, my regular obgyn was doing weekly doppler checks (for weeks 17, 18, 19), they then started scheduling me out every 2-3 weeks instead of weekly. i know this is still more frequently than most. this has been quite a rapid 'step down' for me and has been a bit of a challenge for me to handle. hard for me to feel secure without the 'facts' / 'evidence' that things really ARE still 'ok'... per ultrasounds &/or doppler AND with this anterior placenta issue.

i feel like such a whiner at the moment, i'm sorry.

as we all have experienced loss on this board, i know you all understand my feelings. thank you.

i wanted to ask specifically, if any of you had an anterior placenta after a loss and how you managed to not worry about feeling such little movement both in frequency and intensity.

thanks - susan

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Thu, 06-23-2011 - 6:08pm

I, too, have an anterior placenta with this pg.

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Thu, 06-23-2011 - 7:21pm

I also have an anterior placenta, but am not as far along as either of you. That being said, I am extremely underweight and have been feeling stuff moving around for a week. I assume it's just organs moving around and trying to get out of the way of my uterus (I'm 13 weeks so it has just popped out of my pelvis), but I guess it could be the baby. Especially since with all of my 1T weight loss, I don't even look thick enough to be carrying a 13 weeker. So I'm hoping that I'll have good movement by the time the weekly ultrasounds stop. My last pregnancy, I felt the first kick at 14 weeks and regular movement by 15-16 weeks. I'm hoping the placenta doesn't mess that up because I will be a nervous wreck, too!

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Thu, 06-23-2011 - 7:23pm
Sorry don't know much abt thE placenta and movement, but wanted to send you HUGS I know how hard it I not to worry. I wish we all had n u/s machine in our homes.
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Thu, 06-23-2011 - 7:50pm

I don't have any experiance with this either but I could imagine that it must be very difficult.

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Fri, 06-24-2011 - 2:35pm
My appts have tapered off so I empathize with your worry. I was being seen every week and then we moved and my new dr is seeing me about every 2 weeks...the only problem is they won't see me until July 7th for my first u/s with them and my last u/s was 6/9. I am a wreck right now trying to imagine getting through another 2 weeks because I was hoping to see the babies at my appt yesterday. Anyhoo, I'm babbling, but I know how hard it is having to wait and have the reassurance that everything is okay. I am 19 weeks and have yet to feel consistent movement so that has me worried and anxious. I hope the anterior placenta doesn't cause too much interference with feeling your LO.
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Mon, 06-27-2011 - 4:40pm

thanks everybody. my doctors say that how baby is positioned (from moment to moment / hour to hour, etc), considering placenta location is also a factor w feeling movement (lack of). i felt him a LOT saturday night, not so much yesterday and hardly at all today. very hard not to get caught up in the worry. i had been doing so well for so long (keeping the worry at bay). i know they said i could 'come in any time' to hear the hearbeat, but they are a busy practice and it would take some time for them to fit me in (hours, probably). with my work, not sure that is really practical. a visit usually takes half a day... travel included.

i had considering buying/renting a doppler, but since my placenta location has already proved a challenge for my doctors... making it difficult for even them to nail down the heartbeat (also, as they say he is active... moves alot.... of course, i don't 'feel' this), they communicated that my renting a less-than-medical-grade doppler (which costs thousands) could possibly (probably) add to my anxiety if i was unable to find the heartbeat. sigh.

i have an appointment on thursday to hear the heartbeat, so i'm just trying to hold on til then.

thanks for your feedback and compassion.

xo -

five 1st trimester losses: 8/03: missed M/C (baby died at 10 wks, diag @ 11 wks, D&C).....10/04: etopic preg (D&C, mxt shot, lapriscopic surgery, damaged/closed tube)..... 6/07: Blighted Ovum (D&C 7/07 for incomplete M/C)..... 10/07: missed M/C (baby d