Anyone else feeling the crunch to get things done?

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Anyone else feeling the crunch to get things done?
Wed, 06-06-2012 - 3:19pm

Since I am over the 1/2 way mark of this pregnancy, I am starting to feel the crunch to get things done. This is my first child so everything is new and we need everything. It doesn't help that weekends fill up in the summer just because it is summer. I think my hormones are more out of wack then usual because I have been more weepy lately. I was at the doctors office yesterday and they had a nature program on TV where this fox (or was it another animal) attacked a bird and the bird made a whimper noise. I just about lost it in the waiting room. I am really not a crier but I was close then.

We just started to register and that is fun yet stressful because it is hard to know what brands of products to pick. I am happy that we picked out the nursery bedding (noah's arc) and we picked out the stroller and car seat. The shower invites are going out within a week so I feel that I need to get the registry done ASAP. The shower is July 28th. My hubby is the typical "know it all" and thinks he knows everything. He argued with me that I didn't need a boppy and I put my foot down and said "We are getting it". He thought using pillows would be fine. He just held and fed a 4 day old baby yesterday at work and texted me that "Ok, I see why you wanted the boppy".  MEN.

 July will be a busy month because we have our normal birth classes, hypnobirthing classes and baby shower. This isn't to mention that we need to get nursery done at some point. It is driving me nuts that we have a new bathtub and surround in the "to be nursery" that hubby needs to install in the bathroom. He has been putting it off for months and I need it out of there ASAP so we can paint, etc. (taking deep breathe....)

I think things are more real as I get to the point where if the baby was born then it has a chance of survival. I really want a full term baby but who knows what the future brings. This week is taking forever because babies born at 23 weeks have a chance of survival outside the womb with help. I think this is where the PAL brain comes in. Obliviously, I don't want the baby born at 23 weeks but it does give me a sense of calm that there is a small chance if things go wrong. My pregnancy is going really well so far so my fears are silly but still there. I want baby to bake until at least 37 weeks....  :smileyhappy:

Ok, enough of my scatter brain comments. I am hosting book club at my house tonight and need to get going on getting ready. :smileyhappy:

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I feel like there is so much left to do and I literally havent done a thing! I bought a few onesies, and some little things like pacifiers and such but thats it! There isnt even a curtain rod in the babies room yet plus its still full of my husband's Military gear and such. I want to wait until after my baby shower to see what I need to buy after that. I wasnt even going to have my baby showers till the end of August beginning of September, is that too late? I figured about a month before would be good but now I'm starting to wonder.....

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