Appointment, ultrasound, and I'M HERE!!!!!!!

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Appointment, ultrasound, and I'M HERE!!!!!!!
Tue, 06-14-2011 - 9:19pm

I know some people do not consider 2nd trimester until 13 weeks, but I need this kind of milestone right now, so dammit, I'm in the second trimester :smileyhappy: I had an OB appointment today, which was good and bad. I'll start with the good news:

Munchkin is still alive and kicking (a lot of kicking!).HR was 164, baby and sac both measuring a day ahead, according to the doctor and ultrasound tech - "perfect."

I'm not doing nearly as well, unfortunately. I knew the appointment was going downhill when I peed in a cup and realized that my pee was not the right color by a long shot. I had massive ketones in my urine and lost another half pound :( OB was not happy. She tried to put me off of work until I started gaining. Luckily, DH was there and pointed out that we are going on vaca in a week and a half and I did great on our last vacation with eating. She gave me 2 weeks to start gaining weight or to bedrest I go. I really can't afford to be out of work right now, especially with us trying to plan financially for a potential new family member. She was really nice about everything but also really firm, which is why I love her :) DH was told the only thing I am allowed to focus on for the next 2 weeks is gaining weight, or I will be all the way out of commission until things improve. This gag reflex is killing me! OB said she doesn't care what I eat, I can live on Jolly Ranchers if I want, but I have to start consuming major calories now. (I'm already underweight and lost a lot of weight before the pregnancy due to anxiety, in case anyone is wondering why the doctor is freaking out). I'm 5'7" and now under 110 pounds - can't afford to lose another pound!

Sorry this is so long - off to force feed myself some more...

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Oh my goodness girl! Yes, eat WHATEVER you can. I hope you can start gaining soon. I'm so glad your LO is doing well! Yay for that!
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Glad to hear that your little one is doing so well!

Sorry to hear about the urine test and the weight loss :(

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Congratulations on the good u/s!

Sorry you've still been losing and not gaining weight.

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Glad all is well with the baby.

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So happy the appt went well and welcome to the 2nd tri! I am in the same boat re: dehydration and weight loss. I ended up in the hospital for 4 days because I lost 16lbs and they placed a PICC line where I get continuous IV fluids and meds. It's no fun. Try what you can to hydrate and gain, I wouldn't want you to go through what I am. Good luck!
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Too bad I can't share some of my appetite (or weight for that matter) with you! I hope you are able to start eating soon. Have fun on vacation!

And most importantly ;) YAY for the 2T!!!

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I hope you can eat and feel better. Hope you enjoy your vacation. Glad your LO is doing well.
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Congratulations on the 2T! I hope you're having luck with eating and gaining weight. Have a great time on vacation and eat eat eat!
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I'm glad baby is doing well! I'm sorry you're not, though. I'm sending tons of non-gaggy hunger vibes your way.

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