Braxton Hicks and we're team....

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Braxton Hicks and we're team....
Wed, 05-11-2011 - 9:39am

PINK! I started having really odd cramps last night around 6pm and thought they would go away but around 9 I decided we needed to go to the hospital. I started having a lot of discharge the cramps were just getting worse and I was *sure* there was something wrong. After a full work up and u/s (where they told us that we're having a girl) the doctor says that I was having Braxton Hicks brought on by stress. When I got to the hospital my bp was 120/80 after laying down for a while and trying to relax it went down to my normal 95/45 and the cramps all but went away, the doc said that that pretty much confirmed Braxton Hicks. He said I just need to try and take it really easy and come in if they got really bad. He also so said that I needed to take a break from anything that I find stressful (quite a feat) and that since I'm having BH so early that I needed to really watch myself. Well, looks like it's going to be a fun 2nd & 3rd Tri...anyone else have Braxton Hicks this early?



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Tue, 06-14-2011 - 6:22pm


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Tue, 06-14-2011 - 11:45am

I start having BH at 12 weeks which everyone said it wasn't possible but my OB said it's very possible... Having been thru the terror of hours from delivering a very very small 30 week baby left me hyper sensitive to them..

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Fri, 05-13-2011 - 9:42pm
I'm glad everything is OK Gina, and congrats on joining team pink! I am so happy for you guys.
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Fri, 05-13-2011 - 1:13pm
congrats on team pink!!!

I had BH with Landon, but not until the 3T. I'm glad it all went away after laying down. I've been told to drink water, go for a walk, change positions, and etc, if it goes away then they're BH, if not then call the doc.

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Thu, 05-12-2011 - 6:57pm

Congrats on team pink!!! I've been BH off and on for about a week's usually when I'm stressed (like during my commute, at work, etc). Good luck trying to relax!!!


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Thu, 05-12-2011 - 12:53pm
I started BH @ 14 wks this time.
Whenever I feel crampy, etc.. I have a lot of discharge but I assume its my uterus growing, hasnt been anything else so...
Still having BH is Im moving around lots. I basically have to sit as much as possible.
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Thu, 05-12-2011 - 11:50am

Congratulations on team pink!!!

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Thu, 05-12-2011 - 10:48am
Congratulations on Team Pink...

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Thu, 05-12-2011 - 7:04am

I haven't had any BH yet in this pregnancy, but I had a lot of them in the late 2nd and the 3rd trimester with my DD.

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Wed, 05-11-2011 - 10:07pm
Congrats on team pink. Sorry about the BH. Docs are funny, stress is so hard to avoid, but I guess maybe resting more will help.