Discomfort when I roll from side to side same as EC

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Discomfort when I roll from side to side same as EC
Sat, 02-26-2011 - 5:12pm

I've been having some discomfort when I roll from side to side does anyone know what causes them or what they are?

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I was going to chime in and say that I had this with DD1 and my midwife said it was probably ligament pain, however after she was born it was extreme and they did some tests and found out that I had swollen lymph nodes along my ovaries and that was causing the pain. There was no treatment for it, but giving birth did help it go away eventually (it took maybe 3 weeks) I have already started feeling that pain again this time, but I hope thats not what you have and I hope it is ligaments. But if not, there are stretches you can do to ease the pain :) Hope that helps some! Let us know what your OB says :)

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I also get ligament pain when I roll over in bed too quickly...my Dr. said that this is normal.

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I've noticed that sometimes I get ligament pain on my sides, just next to my hips, when I turn over. It could just be that your uterus is bigger now and moving around from side to side when you flip over, stretching out the ligaments. You should def bring it up w/ your OB at your next appt though.

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Where is the discomfort? I know that with my 2 kids, when the babies started getting bigger it just started getting more uncomfortable and awkward. I sure hope it's nothing. :)
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