i skipped a couple of days!!!

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i skipped a couple of days!!!
Tue, 05-24-2011 - 10:58am
By my first u/s I'm 12w4d today, by my best calculation I'm 13w0d and by the u/s I just had I'm 13w2d!!! Baby looks GREAT! the cyst is still there and now measures 3.8cm it was 3.7cm

Nugget's hb was 155. I've gained a total of 8 lbs.

Mfm appt in 2 weeks and another 2 weeks after that I'll follow up with this new ob that I LOVE! He's wonderful! He seems very caring. And he's very understanding of my pal brain!

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Wed, 05-25-2011 - 12:00pm
I'm glad your doc is being so proactive...I'm sure that helps ease at least some of your fears. You have a great team backing you up.
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Wed, 05-25-2011 - 4:39pm


I'm glad your appoint. went well.

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Wed, 05-25-2011 - 6:29pm
Yay Torie!
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