It's Been Awhile...

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It's Been Awhile...
Sun, 01-27-2013 - 8:53pm

Since I have been on here...I work full time (and just started a new job 2 months ago), go to school part time, have a 19 mo old, the holidays, etc. you know how that goes.  I'm too crazy busy to think straight.

So here are some updates...

-I am 22 weeks and we are having another girl! Yay!! Charlotte's b-day is 6/13, and I am due 6/3, so because they will be born in the same season, hopefully I will be able to use all the clothes that I saved.

-Things are going well, except I'm gaining too much weight.  Dr. sent me in for a glucose test at 16 weeks, and I passed, so I just need to watch the sweets :)

-I had a scare at 19 weeks (thought I was leaking amnio fluid), so ended up in L&D at 12am one night...I def leaked some fluid 3 times that night, and therefore decided to get it checked out.  I was also having trouble emptying my bladder.  They did all the tests, did and US to check the fluid levels, and said it wasn't amnio fluid and that I most likely leaked urine due to a bladder infection (which it turned out I didn't have), or just due to pressure, although it didn't feel like I was peeing.  Anyway, that freaked me out, so now I am always scared that my water is going to break early.

-I am having Braxton Hicks contractions like crazy, and my pubic sysmphysis pain is so bad with this pregnancy, that I am now in physical therapy for it.

Otherwise, I am feeling good, and enjoying feeling the baby move!  I'm going to try to get on here more too.  Hope that everyone is doing well :)

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Mon, 01-28-2013 - 10:14am

Great to hear from you! Sorry about your scare, I'm pleased it turned out to be nothing. I wouldn't worry about your weight, I stressed about how much I was gainin and ended up bein about 50lb up by the end of my pregnancy and here I am 11 days post delivery and I only have 15lb left to lose. 

Yey for a little girl!