Ugh, these nightmares are the worst!

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Ugh, these nightmares are the worst!
Mon, 11-29-2010 - 4:27pm

I thought I was doing good w/ my PAL brain now that I was in 2T and feeling the baby move. Apparently my unconscious brain has other ideas. I had a dream last night that we went for the 20 week anatomy scan and the baby had died. It was awful and devestating. The dream even went into having to go to the hospital and give birth to a still born. It was horrifying. It could probably have to do with the fact that a friend of mine had to terminate her pregnancy last week at 20 weeks because her son had a major issue with his kidneys and would have died on his own within weeks. It's just so sad :(

Anyway, I have a regular scan for cervix on Wednesday and they'll do some measurements on the baby. I can't wait to get another look and to confirm the gender. I'm also super nervous about it.

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Mon, 11-29-2010 - 7:49pm

I hear ya on the dreams Kate. They suck. With my m/c I had a dream before my u/s that the baby didn't have a skull. Then I found out I had a missed m/c. It was weird and I guess it seemed almost like an omen. I'm not superstitious usually, but I had a bad feeling about that pg and the dream threw me over the edge.

This pregnancy I hadn't had any bad dreams about the baby until the other night where I dreamt that I delivered the baby in the toilet and s/he didn't survive. It was traumatic and sucked and I woke up so super relieved to feel the baby moving and know it was a dream. I think I need to stop reading the subchorionic hemorrhage support group board because a lot of women have been having 24 or 25 weekers lately and I think it terrifies me subconsciously.

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Mon, 11-29-2010 - 10:46pm

I am so sorry Katie. The PAL brain can be very mean awake or asleep. I had a nightmare the other night I did not even remember once i woke up but I was so upset I could not breath and could not get back to sleep. I don't know if it was a blessing or a curse to not remember as it just set all the PAL thoughts in motion.