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Sat, 02-02-2013 - 2:46pm

We had the big ultrasound and I am proud to say we stayed team green. The baby didn't want to cooperate. It stayed in the fetal position the whole time. The tech had a hard time getting some of the shots of the heart. So needless to say it took awhile. In the end all is well. They did say I have an anterior placenta which explains a lot.


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Sat, 02-02-2013 - 4:35pm

Yey for a great ultrasound! It's such a shame when it takes a long time and you have to spend all that time lookin at your LO lol 

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Sat, 02-02-2013 - 9:18pm

Congrats on the ultrasound!!! My boy has been extremely uncooperative at every ultrasound, which I have to say I have loved because I get to watch him longer :).  The gender reveal was the only time he has not been stubborn, he was ready and willing at both my level I and level II ultrasound to show the goods lol.