3rd Trimester Update & Belly pic!!!

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3rd Trimester Update & Belly pic!!!
Sat, 03-16-2013 - 11:01pm

We have made it to the 3rd Trimester... 28 weeks tomorrow!

The boys are growing nice and big. Here is my 27 weeks 1 day pic!!!

Soon Dominic Drake and Jaxson Scott (Dom & Jax) will be here. My baby shower is in one week and we are all excited!!!

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Sun, 03-17-2013 - 4:47am

You're positively blooming! And you look so happy! Happy 3T

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Sun, 03-17-2013 - 3:25pm

Lookin good mama!! Yay third trimester. I will join you there tomorrow. Can't believe we're so far already. By the way love the names you picked out.