Dilated & effaced!

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Dilated & effaced!
Tue, 03-05-2013 - 9:38pm

Not by much... but its progress! The OB said she could touch my baby's head! so cool :) & means I'm getting closer. I'm about .5cm (maybe a little more) dilated and 20% effaced, which I know is so small, but its something.  I went yesterday thinking my water broke and they said it was probably my mucus plug causing watery discharge and today I had a regular appointment, but they did another internal since I told them my underwear were soaked 3 more times today! I could have sworn it was my water. I'm excited now, but during my appointment all I wanted to do was cry... I dont know why I was sooo emotional.  I think I'm just very ready to meet my little one.

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Wed, 03-06-2013 - 3:28am

You're totally entitled to be emotional, it's normal at this stage. I cried alot towards the end of my last pg!

Congrats, you're gonna meet your baby so soon!

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Wed, 03-06-2013 - 2:12pm

Progress is progress. Cheer for that! Remember you can go from nothing to full blown labor in no time. You are totally allowed to a roller coaster of emotions. This one wild ride and your close to the end.