Hospital to Birth Center????

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Hospital to Birth Center????
Mon, 02-11-2013 - 1:00pm

So I was wondering if anyone has experiences they can share with the Birth Center option to deliver. I am seriously thinking about making the switch and I have an appt today at 2:30 with the Birth Center. My first child (now 9yrs old) was delivered at the hospital. I read all on the epidural and really wanted to try to go natural...but the minute I walked in I was asked if I was ready for my epidural. When I told them I wanted to try to go without anything they said ok and that they would be there and ready when I when I started crying because of the pain, I just said ok to it and I felt like such a huge let down. ( My baby was 9lbs. and 7oz, and I felt a lot of pain any way even the stitches from the episiotom!) My second child also delivered at the same hospital, (now 5yrs old) I decided I wouldn't read up on anything and just said yes on the epidural. They must have put a lot because I didn't feel anything just completely numb. However she was only 8lbs 3.7oz.

 Fast forward to my 35 week visit: My doctor said I could book now to get induced at 39 weeks. After a lot of thinking and researching I wanted to try a birth center. I would love something for my nerves and pain just not an epidural. When I asked at my 36 week visit on the different pain meds that could be used I was looked at like I was from another world and like it was the most bizarre question. So ladies any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! I guess I better hurry at 36 weeks!!! Luckily my insurance was fine with the switch.

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Tue, 02-12-2013 - 1:23pm

Sorry I can't comment on using a birth center but if you would like somethin for your nerves and the pain but not an epidural then I would highly recommend diamorphine. I had this with DS and it totally detaches you from the labour and allows you to relax, I even slept for a few hours even tho I could still feel the contractions. HTH!

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Tue, 02-12-2013 - 2:36pm

I also can not comment on a birth center. A friend of mine had her baby at a birth center and loved it. Have you thought about switching to a midwife? They are usually more supportive of going natural. What about getting a doula they are great advocates for you and the type of birth you want. Either way I hope you are able to get the type of birth you want.