Brynn Marie has arrived!

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Brynn Marie has arrived!
Tue, 11-16-2010 - 12:03am

Well, it turns out that I really was in labor last Saturday, if you saw my posts!

Melissa - 38

DH - 38

DD - Almost 2!


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Tue, 11-16-2010 - 12:29am

Awww yay!

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Tue, 11-16-2010 - 12:32am
Oh how much did she end up weighing?
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Tue, 11-16-2010 - 4:35am
I had a feeling you were at the hospital having your little girl. Congrats!

I've been worried about your swelling that you had been reporting, as I had the same thing with our oldest.

I hope you get to ditch the BP machine and catheter soon...aren't they the worst? Your reunuion with your little girl is going to be such a big moment for you.

Take care and get well soon.

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Tue, 11-16-2010 - 7:40am

Oh Melissa, many many CONGRATS on your new baby girl! Im so glad that she is here, safe and sound, and doing well. Although Im sure is was scary as hell to not hear her breathing that first minute or two... poor baby.

My goddness - Traumatic birth experience, indeed! Sorry you had to go through all of that. I had pre-e with my first pregnancy and being on the magnesium and bloating and swelling and bp issues really threw me for a loop, too. Fortunately in my case it subsided after delivery. Hopefully you and Brynn are both stable enough to go home really soon - maybe tonight or tomorrow?

I am just so glad that your little girl is finally here, Im sure you just cant wait to have her in your arms!!!

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Tue, 11-16-2010 - 8:57am

Awww, Melissa, I'm so happy for you.


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Tue, 11-16-2010 - 9:43am

Congrats, Melissa! I'm sorry the birth didn't turn out how you expected. I remember not being able to see my twins until about 14 hours after they were born. I had to be able to get out of bed and into a wheel chair to go see them. It was torture, even with the poloroids the nurse kindly took for me that I had taped to my bed. Congrats again and can't wait to see pics.

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Tue, 11-16-2010 - 10:17am

Welcome to Brynn!

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Tue, 11-16-2010 - 12:12pm

Oh, Melissa, I'm so so sorry that things took a different turn, but she's here!

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Tue, 11-16-2010 - 1:57pm

Congratulations! Wishin you a speedy recovery so you can start your life with your new baby!

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Tue, 11-16-2010 - 2:40pm

Oh Melissa....I just knew I'd see your birth story here today! Congrats on little Brynn! I'm so sorry it was such a traumatic birth and that you haven't been able to hold her yet though. :smileysad:

I hope your BP comes down really soon so you can finally