Laila is here!!

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Laila is here!!
Thu, 10-06-2011 - 6:03am
Born 10/6 1214am 5lbs 11 oz 19 in she is doing well.. More details n pics to come later

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Thu, 10-06-2011 - 8:00am

Congrats Michelle,

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Thu, 10-06-2011 - 9:11am
Yay Michelle!! Congratulations Mama!! I wish I could come see her and hold her. :D
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Thu, 10-06-2011 - 9:14am

Congratulations, Michelle!

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Thu, 10-06-2011 - 11:10am
Glad to hear she made it safely. Cant wait for pix and more details. Get some rest and enjoy your baby girl...

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Thu, 10-06-2011 - 11:27am


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Thu, 10-06-2011 - 12:01pm
Congrats! so happy shes doing well!
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Thu, 10-06-2011 - 1:01pm

Congrats on the arrival of baby Laila! I can't' wait to see pics Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

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Thu, 10-06-2011 - 1:03pm
EEK!!! Yay Michelle!!! congrats!!

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Thu, 10-06-2011 - 1:16pm

Aww congrats momma! Welcome little Laila =)

Private message me if you'd like to join our TTCAM facebook group :)


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Thu, 10-06-2011 - 2:45pm

Oh Happy Birthday Laila and welcome to the world!!!! Congrats!!!! So happy things are all good - get some rest and update with pics when you can!!!!