Advice Needed: Baby's Head Measuring Big?!?

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Advice Needed: Baby's Head Measuring Big?!?
Mon, 02-07-2011 - 7:48pm

Ok, I normally just lurk after all we have been through.

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My sister had two babies with big heads.

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Don't panic! Some kids just have big heads. My daughter's head measured 5th percentile at birth but my son (her twin brother) was at 97% and they were 5 weeks early! I thank goodness I didn't deliver vaginally cause he would have gotten stuck for sure. To this day, he still has a big head. He is in 2T pants but has to wear a 4T shirt if it doesn't have buttons or else it doesn't fit over his head. And he's had ultrasounds as a baby and it's all brains in there. So no worries! As long as they didn't see any abnormalities with the baby's brain structure, it should be fine... just hard on you at birth!

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All 3 of our kids have large heads, they get it from DH! He has a hard time with fitted hats and he's bald!

Our youngest (6 weeks old) head was measuring 39 weeks at his 34 week u/s, so don't let it get the best of you! I just knew it was because of genetics.
They freaked us out more with our oldest and had her in for head u/s when she was 2 months old and nada...she's perfect and if anything intelligent. We have always just said she has a lot of brain in there and needs the extra room! LOL

They don't get overly concerned these days and look pretty closely, so if they had seen anything too concerning they would have said so.

Take care and hope this helps your PAL brain!

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Benjamin's head was measuring big towards the end of my pregnancy. Every week I went in for an u/s and it was measuring a week further ahead. They kept predicting that he would weigh more than 9 lbs. When he was born he was 7lbs 10oz. ANd perfect. He just has a big noggin. I figure he needs room for all the extra smarts :)