Already anxious about my next appt.

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Already anxious about my next appt.
Tue, 03-08-2011 - 12:26pm

It's still over a week away and I already have this fear that they'll go to do the u/s and we won't see a heartbeat or something will be wrong. Ugh! Not loving this feeling.


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Tue, 03-08-2011 - 12:49pm

Im living that i know how you feel. Our first U/S on monday. Im so anxious yet scared... I just want to see a healthy baby with a HB (dh wants two but thats besides the point).

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Tue, 03-08-2011 - 3:34pm
You're definitely not alone. My u/s is tomorrow. I'm still kinda in denial today, but tomorrow I'm going to be on pins and needles all morning. Sending P&PT your way!
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Tue, 03-08-2011 - 6:24pm
I am the same way and I just had an appointment yesterday lol my next one is on the 22

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Tue, 03-08-2011 - 8:34pm
(((HUGS))) I know how you feel. I wish I could make it go away but I don't think it ever will.
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Tue, 03-08-2011 - 9:24pm

(((((HUGS))))) I wish I could say that it just magically gets better soon but it doesn't. The Pal brain is a mean thing. You will likely get less anxious about appts once you feel the baby move reg but if you are like me you start obsessing over that.